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About AUIT

The AUIT toolkit is a high-level Java user interface toolkit which completely abstracts the application code from the interface. For many platforms (currently Motif, Mac OS X and Win32), native widgets are provided; other platforms can use Swing. The interface is specified in a set of XML files, one XML file per platform is specified.

The abstraction is done by letting the application "publish" data to the interface and "subscribe" on user actions. The application never touches the widgets themselves; this is done by mediators which are provided by AUIT.

The goal of the toolkit is to be able to:

Latest Information

The latest information about AUIT can be obtained directly from SourceForge.

In preview 3, the set of supported platforms will change a bit:

Planned features for PREVIEW_3 and beyond

Preview 3 will finish the core menu code for release 0.1. It will clean up the code to make it easier to port AUIT to other platforms (Cocoa/GNUstep, KDE, GNOME) and will introduce dynamic item groups. In preview 3, the XML parser, will be moved out of the project. While the XML code has already been released as NanoXML, preview 3 will be the first version to use the separate package.

As the focus for preview 3 is on the menuing system, it's possible that the other code is a bit broken (Motif) or not implemented at all (Mac OS X).

Obtaining AUIT

The latest version is PREVIEW_2. There are four ways to obtain the toolkit:

If you want to obtain AUIT from CVS, perform the following steps:

If you don't specify the revision tag (the -r option in get), you get the really latest version of the toolkit. However, it's not certain that the result will work (or even build ;-))


Documentation about AUIT will follow in the (hopefully) near future.

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