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Supported Platforms

AUIT is aimed to support as many platforms and toolkits as possible provided there is a Java 2 (or a more recent) virtual machine available. The platforms currently supported (as of Preview 3) are:

  • Java/Swing
  • Apple Mac OS X using Cocoa
  • OSF/Motif 2.1 or Open Motif
  • Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 (but not NT 3.x)

The following platform will be supported in the (hopefully) near future:

  • KDE/QT
  • GNUstep
  • BeOS, if someone is willing to provide me a BeOS compatible PC (BeOS doesn't run under VirtualPC)

The following platforms will never be supported:

  • Apple Mac OS 9 or earlier, because there is no support for Java 2; and the platform will be dead when Mac OS X is finally released
  • Microsoft Windows 3.1 or earlier or Windows NT 3.x, because there is no decent Java VM, and the platform sucks anyway
  • Athena (Xaw), because this toolkit is never intended to write applications for it

These platforms will eventually be supported, but don't hold your breath:

  • Motif 1.2, to support the LessTif people (of course, I would prefer that LessTif will upgrade to Motif 2.1)
  • Sun XVIEW, because I have a weak spot for the only toolkit I liked under X (it didn't emulate Windows, OS/2 or NeXTstep)
  • WindowMaker WINGs, just out of curiosity
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